Q&A with Michael on Almanac Scribe Pens

Introducing the Almanac Scribe Pen. We’ve spent months developing this gorgeous new addition to the Almanac range, and we’re so happy with the final product. To celebrate, we’re giving you a glimpse into the process of designing a pen completely from scratch with this Q&A with Michael, who took point on the pen development process. Enjoy!

– Why pens?

Beth and I have been kicking around the idea of incorporating pens into the Almanac Press product line since we got our first batch of Almanac notebooks. It’s a natural progression – people need to write in their Almanacs with something, why not with a pen from Almanac Press?

– How did you find a pen maker? Why them?

Veridian Pen Studio actually reached out to us! We’d been looking at eco pen suppliers, but there was nothing that really jumped out at us in terms of craftsmanship or sustainable practise. After talking with Rochelle and Brad, we discovered their hearts were in the same place as ours – we both want our products to have a positive impact on the people who use them, and the planet we all inhabit. Rochelle and Brad had been searching for 18 months to find notebooks that matched their values and quality standards, and have become amazing wholesale partners as a result of this relationship

– How did you choose the timber the pen would be made from?

We wanted the pens to be made out of a light coloured reclaimed timber, rather than virgin wood. Rochelle began a quest to find the perfect timber for the pen blanks to be made from – which was temporarily interrupted by a COVID lockdown in Brisbane. Rochelle ended up finding the perfect timber – hoop pine which was originally part of a 100+ year old house in Gympie, QLD.

– How did you choose the fittings?

We knew we wanted a lighter timber for the body, so we really wanted a darker colour to provide a dramatic contrast and lean into an industrial style. The click mechanism eliminates the risk of losing a pen lid, and features timber as its primary resource.  This means fewer metal and plastic parts required than ballpoint fixings featuring a cap.

– Why a ballpoint pen rather than a fountain pen?

That consideration was mostly about testing the waters. Almanac Press has a huge fountain pen audience we love and appreciate, but we wanted to start with something every day Almanac users could use as their daily driver. Fountain pens can be a little intimidating for new users, and people who use fountain pens have preferred nibs, body shapes, and ink types. We need to spend more time researching something our fountain pen lovers will enjoy using.

– Do you have more pens coming?

I think I kind of just gave that away! We’re keen to explore a fountain pen expansion, but we want to take our time to find the perfect style of fountain pen with the quality and style that Almanac Press customers have come to expect, which I’m sure Veridian Pen Studio will be an important part of.

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