Since November 9th, 2019
  • You buy a notebook and we plant a tree. It’s simple!


    We partner with tree planting organization One Tree Planted to plant trees in rehabilitation projects across Australia and around the world. Currently, most of our trees are planted in bushfire affected areas on the Australian south coast, bringing koala habitats back to life. The exception is our Sea Edition notebook, which plants trees in coastal rehabilitation projects, returning life to our waterways.

  • Our climate is in crisis, but we still have time to restore vital habitats, sequester carbon, reduce emissions and save this wild world we love so much. Tree planting is one of the easiest and most effective solutions to the climate change emergency, and we want to do our bit.

  • Almanac notebooks are designed by us in Newcastle, and printed by small printing presses in Australia on completely recycled paper. We choose the most beautiful 120gsm paper stock so our pages are thick, creamy and bleed-resistant. This makes them friendly for a full range of mediums, from paint to fountain pen.

  • Notebooks are one of our favourite things. We’re a little bit old-fashioned. We love the feel of paper under our fingertips, and carry a notebook with us always for those moments of pure inspiration. That said, we know the goods we buy have an impact. By using only recycled paper in our notebooks, and planting a tree for every notebook purchased, we can have beautiful notebooks and a positive impact on the environment.


    Do good work and plant trees.